Border City Connection

In 1935, the modest city of Windsor, which stretched from the Detroit River to Tecumseh Road, amalgamated with the town of Walkerville, Ford City (east Windsor), Sandwich Town, and Ojibway (west Windsor) forming one proud city. Coinciding with this change the local newspaper, The Border Cities Star, changed its name to the Windsor Daily Star, but prior to 1935, Windsor was more than just a modest city, it was the border city. Windsor and Detroit share a long history, and in those days the border connection was something the city was proud of. When the Border Cities Arena opened its doors in 1925, there was no bridge or tunnel to cross the river, but that did not stop athletes and fans from travelling to the arena on boats or on the ferry. After twenty-two years as the Border Cities Arena the barn was sold and renamed The Windsor Arena in 1946. Like the Border Cities Star, founded in 1918, the Border Cities Arena was an establishment founded in the heart of the city long before anyone thought of the Detroit River as something that divided us.  

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